Lawn Seeding

Through seeding, we can help your lawn achieve a full, lush appearance. Not only does that make everything look better, it helps crowd out weeds and even keeps the soil moist, promoting better health for the grass.

Professional Grass Seeding

Our professional lawn care team would love to help you with the process of planting new grass seeds in your lawn. It’s not as simple as it sounds! This is a task that requires a particular level of expertise, especially in our temperamental New England climate. It is often most successful when paired with our lawn aeration service.

Our seeding service typically includes soil preparation, seed selection, and proper planting techniques to ensure healthy and lush grass growth.

    Top-Quality Grass Seeds

    Not all grass seeds are created equally, but you can trust that the products we use at Palatine Lawn Care are carefully selected to ensure that your seeds are not mixed with filler, weeds, and other unwanted plant species. 

    Our seeds are premium quality and germinate at a much higher success rate than most brands available on store shelves. We also factor in the specific conditions of your yard when we select your seeds. 

    Grass Seeding for Our Unique
    New England Climate

    We would be happy to speak with you about the best time, in terms of temperature and weather conditions, for seeding in Glastonbury and South Glastonbury. The ideal growing conditions for your seedlings to germinate occur when the soil is still warm but the air is cool, but that may vary depending on your unique property and the type of seeds that are selected. Let us create the perfect lawn seeding plan for you!