Lawn Care Program

We want your grass to look its best and be its healthiest. Our approach addresses many different things at once, giving your lawn what it needs.
• Pre-emergent keeps new crabgrass from growing, so your lawn stays full and healthy
• Post-emergent kills off existing weeds effectively
• Our fertilizer program gives your lawn what it needs and is tailored to the area
• Grub control takes care of these common pests

We want you to love your lawn, which is why Palatine Property Service offers a comprehensive lawn care program. The appearance of your grass speaks volumes, so make sure you’re communicating the right message to your neighbors and everyone who visits.


Crabgrass presents multiple problems for your grass:

  • It competes for water
  • it crowds out your grass
  • It steals nutrients from the soil

Fortunately, we offer a pre-emergent that places a barrier across the top of the soil. As crabgrass seed sprouts come into contact with the barrier, they die.

A healthy, lush lawn further helps crowd out any crabgrass. We encourage you to mow your grass a little higher, because it helps keep everything looking great.

Post Emergent

Weeds happen, and they don’t look great in your lawn. Just like crabgrass, they challenge your lawn, stripping away necessary resources. They also spread like crazy, so getting rid of them quickly should be a priority.

We offer post-emergent treatments to eliminate these types of weeds. It won’t kill the surrounding grass, and in fact, allows your lawn to fill in where the weeds had been taking up space. A full, healthy lawn will create a nice barrier to prevent further problems.

Fertilizer Program

When it comes to fertilizer, you can’t leave things up to chance. After all, without the right nutrients in the soil, even the healthiest grass will struggle. Lawns that are starved will thin out, look less green, and be open to attacks from weeds, disease, and more.

Our fertilizer program includes five applications, so your lawn gets the nutrients it needs at different times. The mix has been specially formulated for this area of the country, enabling your grass to achieve its full potential during the growing season.
Included in the fertilizer program are liming treatments. Applying limestone to your lawn provides a big benefit. It maintains the right alkalinity-acidity level, since acidic soil can hurt the growth of grass.

Grub Control

Your lawn might have grubs, so no matter how much you water and fertilize, certain sections don’t look healthy. Be aware of the potential signs:

  • Brown or dead areas of grass
  • Sections of lawn that can roll up like carpeting
  • Mushy areas in your grass
  • Small, white worm-like insects in the soil

Grubs eat the roots in your grass, killing it slowly. When grubs mature, they become beetles. The
process starts over, and you have more grubs in your lawn. You can fight back, thanks to our grub control program. We assess if you indeed have a grub problem, then deploy the proper treatments to get rid of the pests, so your lawn can be restored to its full health.

Make your lawn beautiful and contact Palatine Property Service today.

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