Lawn Care Program

We want you to love your lawn, which is why we offer a comprehensive lawn care program! The appearance of your grass speaks volumes, so make sure you’re communicating the right message to your neighbors and everyone who visits.


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Pre-Emergent Lawn Care

Pre-emergent lawn care is a type of lawn maintenance that prevents weed seeds from germinating. This is typically done in the spring before the weeds have a chance to grow. The herbicide creates a barrier in the soil that prevents the weed seeds from sprouting, which helps keep your lawn looking healthy and weed-free.

Would you like to get ahead of next season’s weed growth? If so, we can help!


Post-Emergent Lawn Care

Post-emergent lawn care refers to the process of treating a lawn after weeds or other unwanted plants have already emerged. This can involve using herbicides or other treatments to target specific types of weeds or plants. Are you having a problem with weeds in your yard?

We are experts in post-emergent weed control, and we would love to visit your property and provide you with a quote!

Grub Control Program

Grubs are the larvae of beetles and can cause damage to your lawn by feeding on the roots of grass. This can lead to brown patches and thinning of the grass. Additionally, grubs can attract other pests such as moles and skunks who feed on them. It’s important to keep grubs out of your lawn to maintain a healthy and vibrant lawn. Click the button below to learn more or request a quote!

Fertilizer Program

Our lawn fertilizer program involves selecting the right type of fertilizer for your specific lawn, determining the appropriate application rate, and scheduling regular applications at specific times of the year.

The goal of our lawn fertilizer program is to promote healthy growth and development of your lawn, while minimizing the risk of damage or over-fertilization. Ask us for details!

Other Lawn Care Services

At Palatine Lawn Care, we offer a full menu of services designed to keep your lawn looking its best.

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