Additional Services

We offer other services that will only improve the health, vitality, and appearance of your lawn.
• Aeration helps your lawn breathe, get the right nutrients and stay properly hydrated.
• Seeding will fill in spots where your lawn is a little on the thin side, preventing future problems.
• Disease control addresses current problems, plus takes steps so your lawn doesn’t become a victim.
• Tick control helps eliminate these dangerous pests from your yard.
• Lime treatment keeps the soil pH and acidity where it needs to be for a healthy lawn.

At Palatine Property Service, we offer many other services that keep your lawn looking great, staying
healthy, and working as a place you can sit and enjoy the rest of your yard. After all, a lawn that’s in
good shape goes a long way toward the overall value of your property.


Over time, soil compaction and thatch can do serious damage to your grass.

  • They choke out airflow from the lawn’s roots
  • Water pools on the surface, unable to penetrate to the roots
  • Nutrients from fertilization also can’t get into the ground, where the grass needs them

The solution, core aeration, involves running a machine that pulls out plugs of the soil. Those plugs are about half an inch wide and two or three inches deep. That creates openings for water and nutrients, plus keeps the soil from becoming compacted over time.

Even better, you don’t have to clean anything up. Those plugs of soil dissolve over time. That’s better than dethatching, which creates a mess you then need to address. While you can have your lawn aerated in the spring or fall, we recommend the fall for the best results.


Just like any living plant, your lawn can struggle with all kinds of challenges. You might notice it’s thinning in spots and needs some help.

Through seeding, we can help your lawn achieve a full, lush appearance. Not only does that make everything look better, it helps crowd out weeds and even keeps the soil moist, promoting better health for the grass. Our seed mix is ideal for the unique climate in the area, so you get the best results.

Disease Control

While a healthy lawn is less susceptible to disease, this problem can strike at any time. Sometimes, you might notice that nothing helps sections of your lawn green up or fill out. We can help with any lawn disease, so your grass returns to full health.

To prevent these problems, it’s best to water less frequently and for long periods of time. That encourages the grass roots to go deep into the soil. Mowing more often and only trimming about a third of the grass blades is another guard against disease.

Tick Control

You don’t want to mess around with ticks in your lawn. These insects are especially dangerous for you, your family, and your pets. Don’t take any chances.

Thanks to local reforestation efforts, the tick population around here is exploding. Wildlife hosts these insects, and they can find their way into your lawn.

Ticks pose serious risks:

  • They carry various diseases, particularly Lyme disease
  • Once a person has Lyme disease, it affects them the rest of their life
  • Just in Connecticut, a record 4,631 cases of Lyme disease were reported

While you could get some tick control products at the store, you might not be using them correctly, or the products might not be that effective. Trust the professionals. We have a tick management approach that will protect you and your loved ones. Our expertise allows us to safeguard what matters most, so you can enjoy peace of mind.

Lime Treatment

Spreading crushed limestone on your grass promotes healthy growth. After all, the soil might be too acidic, but liming will correct that problem. It also boosts pH, which is essential for growth. Our lime treatments are just another way to ensure your grass keeps looking its absolute best, season after season.

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